Google adds blue tick verification to Gmail

Twitter is not the only online service using blue checkmarks more, as Google this week adopted a verification icon similar to the use of trademarks in gmail.

In 2021, Google introduced a Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI)(Opens in a new window) feature. In exchange for adopting strong authentication, Gmail would display a brand’s validated logo in the avatar slot of every email sent. Now Google is “relying on this feature(Opens in a new window)” also displaying a blue check mark icon next to the brand name on emails.

Google believes the new feature will help users identify spam and email security systems to stop it. For businesses to get a blue tick on their outgoing emails, they need to go through a few steps. They must first configure BIMI for their account, then adopt Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Compliance (DMARC)(Opens in a new window)and finally they must acquire a Verified Brand Certificate (VMC)(Opens in a new window) issued by a certification authority.

For Gmail users, there’s nothing to do but look for those blue checkmarks that appear on every email you receive from brands. Hovering your mouse over the check mark will trigger a pop-up confirming that the sender has verified that they own both the domain and the logo in the profile picture.

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It seems likely that most brands will jump through the hoops to get the blue tick to ensure the highest possible level of trust is maintained with customers. Of course, this does not prevent these same marks use AI to write emails.

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