AI-generated photo of Selena Gomez at the Fools Millions Met Gala

People can’t get enough Selena Gomezin 2023 Met Gala look, however, she wasn’t actually there.

Millions of Twitter users were fooled by a possibly AI-generated photo of the singer walking the Met Gala carpet on Monday night. Despite not being present at this year’s event, a fan apparently altered Gomez’s face in a photo of Lily James at the 2022 Met Gala and teased Gomez’s “surprise appearance” at the fashion’s biggest night – sending Twitter on fire.

Although fake, the photo garnered 22.9 million views and 395,300 likes, making it the most liked photo of the evening ahead of the real attendees, including Anne Hathaway whose photo of the event second with 234,000 likes.

Twitter has since added a disclaimer to the post, noting that the images are “edited” and that Gomez hasn’t attended the Met Gala since 2018.

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Despite the notice, several Twitter users still gushed about her fake appearance.

Gomez has yet to address the controversy surrounding the viral photo.

This isn’t the first time people have been fooled by an AI-generated image. In March, a fake image of pope francis in a white puffer jacket made waves, garnering 4.4 million views.

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