How to Use ChatGPT to Improve Microsoft Excel

  • Workers have used OpenAI’s ChatGPT for dozens of tasks since its release in November.
  • While some fear that AI will replace their labor, others have embraced the technology to improve their productivity.
  • An example is helping with sometimes tricky programs like Microsoft Excel.

Since ChatGPT’s debut in November, users have turned to the popular chatbot created by OpenAI for help with everything send e-mails to colleagues and update resumes For find recipe ideas And redesign of dating profiles.

While some fear that the chatbot is already cutting jobsit also introduced ways to help make work more efficientlyallowing users to shift their energy to other tasks and projects.

One example is using generative AI to get help with data processing programs that workers often struggle with, like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. We asked ChatGPT how it can help alleviate spreadsheet issues – here’s what the chatbot had to say about how it can help make your Excel experience easier.

Help with tricky formulas, scripts and models

ChatGPT can help you suggest the best formulas to use in datasets to identify the information you’re looking for and find results faster. The technology can also help write Excel scripts or macro, an action or set of actions that can be performed repeatedly, such as changing the font size or color of a group of cells, which can help make your work more efficient.

According to ChatGPT, it can help design or find a spreadsheet that matches a specific template with titles and categories already implemented. If a user needs a function that isn’t already available in Excel or Sheets, ChatGPT says they can help you write it in a program like Google Apps Script.

Identify data trends and report errors

According to ChatGPT, the technology can help analyze data by finding patterns, summarizing the information into a few key statistics, and even helping to create graphs and different ways to visualize the data. The technology can also help identify errors or missing data points quickly, offering suggested fixes along the way.

ChatGPT said it can help users integrate data into other programs, or import and export data to a Application programming interfacecommonly referred to as API.

Help beginners learn common tricks

The chatbot can guide beginners through common Excel tricks to make the program more efficient, like keyboard shortcuts or step-by-step instructions on how to format data a certain way.

ChatGPT said it can also help with general troubleshooting when problems arise with a spreadsheet, which might be faster than scouring a specific program’s help menu.

Finally, the chatbot said it can recommend other tutorials or guides available online based on your current Excel skill level or the specific task you want to accomplish.

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