Texas Agriculture Commissioner Establishes New Dress Code for Employees Based on ‘Biological Sex’

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Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller on Wednesday dubbed a new dress code policy that requires employees to dress in a “manner consistent with their biological sex.”

Miller said the move was about creating a “appropriate” work environment.

“Dressing professionally and respectfully is about creating an appropriate and comfortable work environment for ALL,” Miller tweeted. “It’s common sense and courtesy.”

The Texas Observer published the policy, dated April 13, Monday. A state Department of Agriculture employee told the publication that the new policy “threatens the safety of anyone who does not comply with the binary dress code.”

The department did not respond to requests for comment on its article, the Observer wrote.

However, Miller spoke with Spectrum News on the policy and said her office had received complaints related to gender issues.

The ministry’s decision adds to recent efforts to Texas lawmakers and officials which impose restrictions gender issues.

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