Tesla launches new Model 3 with almost 400 miles of range, but it’s just for businesses

Tesla has announced it’s making a new version of the Model 3 with the long-range battery and a single RWD motor, but it’s only available to businesses in the UK.

Currently, Tesla only sells three versions of the Model 3:

  • RWD standard range
  • Long-range all-wheel drive
  • Powerful all-wheel drive

But now, the automaker has announced that it’s going to create a new, business-only version.

Karen Bowen, senior key account manager at Tesla, announced on LinkedIn this week:

To accelerate the electrification of the European B2B fleet, we are introducing a new variant of Model 3 that meets the needs of our commercial customers. The Model 3’s long-range rear-wheel drive combines a class-leading range of 394 miles (WLTP) with the highest charging convenience, at an entry-level price from £46,990.

It’s a Model 3 with a long-range battery, but it only has one rear-drive motor instead of two motors like the current long-range Model 3.

At £46,990 (~$58,500), it’s £4,000 more expensive than the base standard range and £4,000 cheaper than the regular long-range all-wheel drive.

It will be Tesla’s longest Model 3 yet with 394 miles of WLTP range.

However, it is only available through Tesla’s B2B division.

Bowen commented:

“This vehicle is available for order through our B2B channels and deliveries are expected to begin in June.”

And it only seems to be available in the UK for now.

This may be because there are strong incentives to buy electric vehicles through companies in the UK, including the company car tax capped at 2% instead of 20%. to 37% usual, depending on the vehicle.

Businesses can claim a 100% deduction in the first year for the cost of the vehicle, among several other incentives.

These incentives have led many people to buy electric vehicles through companies in the UK. It’s unclear whether Tesla plans to offer the new model variant in other markets or through channels other than its commercial fleet division.

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