I Spent 10 Years Studying What Makes Us Happy In Life – Here’s The #1 Thing I’ve Neglected All The Time

Ten years ago I set out to find framework for a happier life. Testing the wisdom of the ages with scientific researchI learned how strengthen my relationships, increase energy and more.

But a few years ago I started noticing that I felt stuck in my head — disconnected from others and from myself.

Suddenly I realized that I was treating my body like a car that my brain was driving around town. But it was actually my body – through my five senses – it was my essential link with the world.

I didn’t want to come to the end of my life and think, “So many things have happened to me. I would have liked to pay attention to it.

While writing my book, “Life in the five senses”, I’ve discovered surprising ways our senses can help us focus more deeply, to live longer and create happiness.

1. Need a burst of energy and joy? Use your sense of smell.

2. Stressed? Use your sense of touch.

3. Do you feel distracted and unproductive? Use your sense of sound.

4. Need a creative spark? Use your sense of sight.

5. Want to feel closer to others? Use your sense of taste.

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