Google Pixel 7a price up, and Pixel 6a down — I’m not sure the new phone is worth it

If you’ve been paying close attention to anything Pixel-related over the past few weeks, you’ll have noticed that even though Google I/O is still over three weeks away, the internet is already awash with so many leaks that you’d think Googleplex’s corporate headquarters sprinkler system was misfiring.

Yesterday we announced that the arrival of the Pixel 7a could be Just around the corner. Now we can confirm when it will arrive and how much it will cost you to buy one.

How much will the Pixel 7a cost?

According 9to5Google, which received its information from a retail source, the Google Pixel 7a will be priced at $499. That’s a $50 increase over last year’s Pixel 6a and could be reason for some to re-evaluate Google’s latest Pixel A-series smartphone as a surefire successor to the Pixel 6a. Pixel 6a being one of best budget phones on the market.

However, the Pixel’s price increase would be supported by some pretty decent upgrades to the device’s sensors, display, and camera chipset. The Pixel 7a will now come with a combination of a 64MP (main) and 13MP (ultrawide) camera array; a smooth 90Hz refresh rate display; the same SoC Tensor G2 found in from google Pixel 7 Phone(s; and also feature wireless charging (5W).

It is also believed that the Pixel 6a will not be discontinued when the Pixel 7a launches and will instead receive an appropriate price drop.

When can you buy the Pixel 7a?

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