Pick up Samsung rugged external SSD for half price

The Samsung T7 Shield SSD is on sale with significant savings.
Photo: Samsung/Cult of Mac

The Samsung T7 Shield is a credit card sized external SSD designed to withstand drops, rain and dust. The 1 TB version is up to $79.99 on Amazon – half the cost it was when the SSD was launched a year ago.

And there are also deals on the 2TB and 4TB versions.

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Survive the daily punishments

Samsung designed the SSD for travelers and creatives on the go. It can withstand drops of up to 9.8 feet (3 meters) and it is IP65 certified as dustproof and waterproof.

But despite its rigged design, it’s not huge and bulky. The device measures 3.5 inches by 2.3 inches and 0.5 inches thick. It weighs 3.5 ounces.

The Samsung T7 Shield is compatible with Mac and most iPads – any computer with a USB-C port. It also works with PC, Android and many game consoles. It comes with a USB-C to C cable and a USB-C to A cable.

I saw the Samsung T7, the unrugged version of the SSD. I’m happy with it — it’s portable, fast, and reliable. I am convinced that the version with a stronger case is just as good.

Save on the Samsung T7 Shield SSD

Samsung T7 shield in a variety of colors
The T7 Shield is available in beige, black or blue.
Photo: Samsung

The 1TB version of the T7 Shield is available on Amazon for $79.99. As noted, that’s down from $159.99 a year ago. In a weird quirk, this price is only for the version in a black case. Blue is $83.05 and beige is $89.99.

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The 2TB version was created at $289.99, but is now available for $129.99. Pricing is the same for all three color options.

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The 4TB version just launched in January 2023 at $429.99. It didn’t take long for that price to drop significantly: Amazon has it for $269.99, or 37% off. This version is only available in black.

Buy it at: Amazon

Grab these deals while you can. There is no way of knowing how long they will last.

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