Meet Magi — Google’s answer to Bing with ChatGPT

When Open AI was launched ChatGPT, Google would have been caught off guard. This cycle repeated itself when Microsoft unveiled Bing with ChatGPTits search chatbot powered by GPT-4. And while Google responded to ChatGPT with Bardit still lacks an AI-powered search tool.

That could change very soon. In an explosive report, The New York Times (opens in a new tab) revealed that Google would be working on Magi, a new AI-powered search engine that would be its answer to Bing with ChatGPT.

Google Magi Rumored Features

* Magi is designed to be personalized and more conversational Google Search
*Google plans to initially roll out the features to 1 million people, then 30 million later
* Magi will adapt to your needs over time and recommend products to purchase
* Searches that may lead to a purchase may have ads on the search results page.
* A separate GIFI tool would help generate images in Google Image results

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