Check out the new 435-mile range VW ID.7 electric sedan

Volkswagen has finally released its new ID.7 flagship electric sedan Monday. The VW ID.7 is the largest in the automaker’s all-electric ID range and is designed for long-distance journeys with a WLTP range of up to 435 miles (700 km).

Finally, another electric sedan. The VW ID.7 will be the sixth all-electric vehicle to join the German automaker’s zero-emissions range alongside the ID.3, ID.4 SUVID.5, ID.Buzzand ID.6 sold in China.

volkswagen touted its new electric sedan as significantly more powerful and efficient than any other MEB-based model released so far.

At CES in January, we had our first glimpse of what the new ID.7 would look like, wrapped in unique camouflage to create an electroluminescent lighting effect.

According to Volkswagen, its “electric limousine” is its first all-electric flagship model. The ID.7 is designed for long-distance travel with long-range capabilities and top-of-the-line technology.

VW says the launch of the new ID.7 electric sedan will help it reach its goal of an 80% electric vehicle delivery share by 2030.

Volkswagen ID.7 electric sedan (Source: Volkswagen Group of America)

VW unveils the ID.7 electric sedan

VW held a world premiere on Monday to simultaneously launch the flagship ID.7 electric sedan in major auto markets including North America, Europe and China.

The new MEB-based ID.7 electric sedan is designed for long road trips, with initial predictions pointing to up to around 435 miles (700 km) of WLTP range for its Pro version. Although the EPA range is lower, it will likely be in the mid to high 300 mile range.

VW has reached a higher range with its new high-efficiency transmission, which was developed in-house, and a low drag coefficient. The system includes a 282 hp (210 kW) PSM permanent magnet synchronous motor, a two-stage, single-speed gearbox, and power and control electronics.

The ID.7 will be launched in two versions, the Pro and the Pro S. The ID.7 Pro features a 77 kWh (gross: 82 kWh) battery with DC fast charging capabilities of up to 170 kW.

Meanwhile, the ID.7 Pro S will be introduced later in Europe with an 86 kWh battery (gross: 91 kWh) and fast charging capabilities up to 200 kW DC.

A low drag coefficient of around 0.23 adds to the vehicle’s long-distance capabilities with minimal wind resistance.

Volkswagen ID.7 (Source: Volkswagen Group of America)

Design and features of the Volkswagen ID.7

Out, ID.7 features an aerodynamic fastback design with flowing lines that enhance curves. VW’s new electric sedan measures 195.3 inches long, 60 inches high and 73.3 inches wide, with a wheelbase of 116.8 inches, offering plenty of space.

The front is defined by the signature sculpted bonnet, full-length light strip and matrix LED headlights that still incorporate elements of a typical VW sedan.

Volkswagen ID.7 exterior (Source: Volkswagen Group of America)

With a spacious and spacious interior, Volkswagen has taken advantage of this with impressive new technologies and features, including:

  • A new 15-inch infotainment system
  • Augmented reality head-up display
  • Premium seats with climate control and massage functions
  • Illuminated touch sliders to adjust temperature and audio levels
  • IDA voice assistant
  • Interactive smart air vents
  • Panoramic sunroof with smart glass

The ID.7 electric sedan presents for the first time a “new generation” of the VW cockpit with its brand new augmented reality head-up display standard.

With up to 14 power settings, drivers can adjust the heated or cooled seats. Additionally, the seats have ten air cushions designed to provide pneumatic pressure point massage with two large seat cushions. ergoComfort and ergoPremium seats are designed to activate the pelvis and spine for a healthier back.

Volkswagen ID.7 interior (Source: VW)

Interactive smart vents are electronically controlled vertically and horizontally to quickly distribute air throughout the large interior.

VW announces that its new ID.7 will be built in Germany from the second half. It should be available in Europe this fall, with pre-sales starting this summer. The North American launch is scheduled for 2024.

Electrek’s Grasp

The Volkswagen ID.7 is a prime example of how far electric vehicles have come with a range of over 400 miles (WLTP). That said, more battery life isn’t always necessary as it usually requires a bigger battery and therefore more hardware.

The ID.7 doesn’t have the most impressive exterior design, but it’s still a powerful electric sedan that serves a sizeable market. For those looking for that extra range on long journeys, the ID.7 is an ideal way to travel in style.

Design wise, I like the front and think it’s an upgrade over many models, but the rear could use some tweaking. Either way, the ID.7 creates the ideal “mobile living space” for those looking for exactly that.

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