Bike eRack uses a motor to load bikes onto cars

It can be difficult to lift bikes onto the rear rack of a vehicle, especially if they are heavy e-MTBs or even motorcycles. The Bike eRack is designed to make the job easier, as it uses a motor to lift the bikes.

The Canadian-made anodized aluminum eRack mounts to the host vehicle’s 2-inch trailer hitch and is connected to its electrical system via a RV-style outlet. It comes in several different designs (and 16 colors), all of which work the same way.

With the rack lowered parallel to the ground, the user begins by rolling their bike forward and inserting their front wheel into one of the wheel holders. They then use an integrated rubber strap to secure the wheel in place.

From there, they simply press a button on a wireless remote, which causes the motorized rack to rise vertically, taking the bike with it. The user then simply uses another strap to secure the rear wheel of the now upright bike to the rack. Needless to say, removing the bikes from the rack is the exact same process, in reverse.

The Bike eRack, without bikes

Bike racks

The eRack is locked to the vehicle, and the bikes can in turn be locked to the rack. And if the user needs to open the rear hatch of the vehicle, they can do so by partially lowering the eRack (bikes and all). Other features include integrated running lights, brake lights and turn signals; an illuminated license plate frame; and an emergency stop switch located on the rack itself.

The company has just announced the new MX line of the Bike racks, specifically designed for use with motorized dirt bikes. Prices range from CA$2,499 (about US$1,865) for a one-bike model, all the way up to CA$4,599 (US$3,431) for a model that can accommodate two full-size dirt bikes and a mountain bike. pit – it can alternatively take five mountain bikes, electric or traditional. Pricing for the more mountain bike-oriented original line starts at $2,399 CAD (US$1,790).

Different versions of the rack can be seen in use, in the video below.


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