The Pixel 8’s smaller screen isn’t a step back, it’s a step-up

While Google I/O 2023 will bring a ton of Android software news, Pixel 8 rumors are already running wild. Today we learned that you can expect Google’s next phone to be smaller than expected.

Thanks to a previous leak Pixel roadmapwe think Google is set to welcome both a tablet and a foldable to the Pixel product line alongside the unveiling of its flagship Pixel 8 smartphone series.

The all-new Pixel 8 lineup is set to “go big” with the inclusion of a powerful Tensor G3 chipset and 12GB of RAM. However, when it comes to screen size, not all of the Pixel 8 looks ready for an upgrade.

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You may have seen Google’s recent Pixel 8 renders popping up online. However, without the inclusion of a banana for scale, no one has been able to say for sure if previous whispers of a size reduction were entirely accurate.

In other words, until the initiate Ross Young (CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants) apparently confirmed the shortened stature of the upcoming Pixel 8 in a recent tweet. Young points to the Pixel 8’s 6.16-inch screen, a small but noticeable reduction from the Pixel 7’s 6.32-inch display.

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This information matches previous leaks from 2022 when WinFuture reported that the Pixel 8 would have a resolution of 2268 x 1080 (compared to that of the Pixel 7’s 2400 x 1080 display), and when a reputable insider OnLeaks previously reported the Pixel 8’s 150.5 x 70.8 x 8.9mm bezel.

(Image credit: OnLeaks / mysmartprice)


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