iPhone 15 Pro: Meet the new volume buttons, same as the old volume buttons

Who would have guessed that the volume buttons would be the biggest rumor to follow for the iPhone 15 Pro cycle? A new set of volume button renders shared by MacRumors and made by Unknownz21 is the latest iPhone 15 Pro chapter on volume buttons.

To recap, the iPhone 15 Pro rumored to change a mechanical click mute switch and a one-touch volume rocker solid-state version with haptic feedback simulating the click. Apple uses haptic feedback to simulate button clicking without moving parts on its current products with home buttons as well as its touch pads.

Discussions on haptic volume toggles have started with supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and 9to5Mac caught the first cads and created renders that visualized the appearance of the new buttons and mute switch.

This week, however, another supply chain analyst named Jeff Pu announced the bad news that Apple no longer plans to improve the volume buttons with the iPhone 15 Pro. The new system was apparently not foolproof enough to commit to shipping in September. A little later, Ming-Chi Kuo echoed the development.

It seems at this point that the most likely scenario is that the volume buttons will be mechanical and the mute switch function will remain the same. Leak Unknownz21who has been actively involved in sharing iPhone 15 details this year, also gave his take on the news this week.

“So far, I haven’t seen anything suggesting a different exterior design for the buttons – if true, I think it’s likely to be more of an internal change, rather than something visible,” Unknownz21 wrote on Twitter. . “Currently, EVT units use the existing design – although modifications are always possible,” they added.

This is the design that, according to MacRumors, was “created before the most recent solid state rumors”. Unknownz21 shared shortly after MacRumors published their article saying that the volume buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro will be identical to the design of the buttons on the iPhone 14 Pro. Rumors travel fast, I guess.

Either way, Ming-Chi Kuo and, more recently, Jeff Pu have a good track record of Apple hardware plans based on supply chain records. It’s much harder to gauge the accuracy of leaks that start on Twitter, but happen enough every year that they can’t be ignored. It’s a safe bet that at this rate, we will have to wait for the iPhone 16 Pro (or iPhone Ultra?) for what has been rumored to ship.

TL; DR: The volume buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro have been with us forever – they’re just volume buttons on the iPhone 14 Pro. THE camera upgrades and thinner bezels sounds good, though.

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