American football calls Becky Sauerbrunn “Becky with the good hair”

It turns out comparing Becky Sauerbrunn to Jay-Z’s mistress isn’t the best way to honor the captain of the United States Women’s National Team for reaching 200 caps.

US Soccer sent out a marketing email on Tuesday morning with the goofy subject line: “Celebrate Becky with the good hair!”

As anyone with even a cursory knowledge of pop culture will tell you, being called “Becky with the good hair” is no compliment, no matter how good their hair may or may not be.

“Becky with the Great Hair” is, of course, the mystery woman Beyoncé hinted was Jay-Z’s mistress on her landmark 2016 album “Lemonade.”

Hours after their first email, US Soccer sent a follow-up email apologizing.

“US Soccer apologizes for the subject line of our email sent this morning to celebrate Becky Sauerbrunn’s 200th cap,” it read. “He was insensitive and should not have been sent. We contacted Becky and apologized. We have also reviewed our approval process for external marketing communications and are committed to being more thoughtful going forward.

Sauerbrunn was honored in her hometown of St. Louis ahead of Tuesday’s game against Ireland, which was actually her 216th cap.

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