AI tax app that can find every deduction is a lifesaver for freelancers

Get FlyFin to let AI do your taxes for you, now just $50.
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The passage to the gig economy has been difficult for new freelancers for many reasons, but the learning curve is especially steep during tax time. Even in the best of times, taxes are painful. But when they are not automatically removed? You need all the help you can get.

However, there is good news for the self-employed. Tax assistance is possible, whatever your declarative status, thanks to FlyFin. A three-year subscription to this AI-powered tax app now costs just $49.99 (usually $252).

The best tax, human and AI advice

There’s no shortage of tax apps, but FlyFin is one of the first to harness the power of AI in a big way. When it comes time to deposit, just enter your income, expenses, and other relevant data, then let the algorithms do the heavy lifting. This includes looking for write-offs and deductions you may never even have heard of.

Even better, the app gives you access to live CPAs to tackle tough questions that a bot can’t answer. Your subscription allows you to contact these tax gurus any time of the day or night for expert advice. Moreover, these same CPAs can file state and federal returns for youand you can export all documents from the app for your own records (or those of your personal accountant).

FlyFin tax application: distinctions to spare

Features like these won FlyFin AITECH’s Best AI Product of the Year award, and that says a lot about the ChatGPT age. Everyday users love it too, judging by its 4.6-star rating on the App Store. A verified buyer wrote, “AI automatically categorized my expenses and found lots of offbeat tax deductions, which helped me save a lot this tax season. I also had the ability to export my data and file my taxes with them, which was really cool. »

Ready to make tax filing a transparent process? Take one three-year subscription to the FlyFin AI tax application now for just $49.99 (usually $252). It’s the best price online — and just in time to meet the submission deadline.

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