Tesla FSD Beta V11 learns how to keep a safe distance from large trucks & vehicles, watch v11.3.6 tests and reviews


Tesla is reiterating its Full Self-Driving (FSD) software beta soon after making it available to a wider user base. On Saturday, the automaker released the latest version of FSD Beta v11.3.6 (2022.45.15).

This new FSD 11.3.6 beta has no new release notes which suggests that this release comes in the form of subtle improvements and bug fixes in the codebase.

In our coverage of the previous FSD beta version 11.3.4we saw many improvements, but in several areas the testers felt that autopilot functionality had regressed.

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Since it’s been a few days since FSD Beta 11.3.6 was rolled out, beta testers gave it a good try (review videos below).

According to Tesla firmware tracking websites TeslaFi and TeslaScope, a large wave of new beta testers are added to FSD Beta v11.3.6. As of this writing, a total of over 3,300 Tesla cars have been moved v11.3.6.

FSD Beta v11.3.5 (2022.45.14) is the least populated version as it was for Tesla vehicles without ultrasonic sensors only. However, the majority of these users have already updated to the latest v11.3.6 (2022.45.15).

An FSD beta tester, Jim Spencer, found a nice improvement in v11.3.4 during testing. While driving on a highway in Iowa and passing a tractor-trailer, he observed his Tesla Model Y sliding to the other side to create a safe distance between him and the truck.

Prior to V11, Autopilot kept the car tightly centered in the lane when passing a large vehicle on the highway. Tesla has certainly improved security measures in the latest iterations of FSD Beta. Let’s see how this Tesla vehicle maintained a safe distance from the big tractor-trailer while navigating the highway FSD beta v11.3.4.


In another instance, my friend and follower Gail Alfar was driving her Tesla on the latest FSD Beta version 11.3.6 in Austin, Texas, when her car automatically avoided an otherwise fatal accident. A similar incident occurred last month when Autopilot swerved a Tesla to avoid a free-rolling tire on a highway.

Gail attributes her safety to Tesla’s safety and autopilot teams and of course to company executive Elon Musk whose ideology is fueling these developments.

Chuck Cook: Unprotected Left Turns on FSD Beta v11.3.6

Chuck Cook’s unprotected left turn (UPL) in Jacksonville, Florida has been a challenge for Autopilot FSD Beta for some time. As soon as Chuck received the update on Saturday night, he opted to retest UPL with 11.3.6.

He went through this tough UPL on FSD Beta 11.3.6 multiple times in this 8 minute video. In most attempts, the autopilot cornered very well.

But within a few attempts, Chuck’s car extended the wait time even when the gap was enough for the vehicle to approach the median or even go full circle. According to Chuck Cook, this unnecessary creep limit wait is a new behavior in FSD Beta v11.3.6. Let’s look at the test.

Video: Chuck Cook tests unprotected left turns on FSD Beta v11.3.6 (2022.45.15) in Jacksonville, FL.

Black Tesla: FSD beta 11.3.6 first impressions

Black Tesla is another FSD Beta tester who constantly updated us on new releases through his YouTube channel. He just posted the latest v11.3.6 first impressions video.

On an unprotected left turn, Black had to signal the turn as the car was a bit confusing to take the turn although it wasn’t terribly difficult as we saw in Chuck’s video above. This confusion was probably caused by a lady on the right with a stroller.

Black Tesla can report such incidents by simply tapping the red flag appearing on their car’s central touchscreen. This reporting feature is only available to internal employee testers and early beta testers from outside the company.

Crossing an interchange, a van was stopped on the right but the autopilot applied aggressive braking possibly in anticipation of what the truck might do. Tesla needs to improve these types of scenarios.

Let’s see how his Tesla Model S Tiles on FSD Beta v11.3.6 carried out navigation on city streets.

Video: Black Tesla tests FSD Beta v11.3.6 on the streets of New York.



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