New Intersect Illinois Billboards Target Business Travelers O’Hare

A new billboard at O’Hare Airport. Photo: Courtesy of Intersect Illinois

Over 50,000 out-of-town business travelers are expected to pass through O’Hare in the coming months as Chicago’s convention season kicks off. And Illinois wants their attention.

What is happening: Illinois Intersection launched a pair of billboards at the airport to pique travelers’ interest in the state’s business climate.

  • The billboards, located behind the charging stations in Terminals 1 and 3, promote Illinois’ success in producing electric vehicles and the state’s food innovation industry.
Photo of a billboard at an airport.
Billboard at O’Hare. Photo: Courtesy of Intersect Illinois

Context: Intersect Illinois was established in 2016 under the then government. Bruce Rauner to promote state economic development through public/private partnerships.

  • Their “Be in Illinois” campaign was developed to target outside businesses looking to relocate to Lincoln Country.

Why is this important: Illinois has lost some prominent businesses in recent years, including the headquarters of Caterpillar, Boeing and Tyson Foods.

Enlarge: Illinois is targeting six industries for business relocations, including transportation, life sciences and agribusiness.

  • The state has succeeded in recruiting and developing manufacture of electric vehicles.
  • International and domestic electric vehicle companies have moved to Libertyville, Joliet and Normal.

By the numbers: Illinois was fair named the second best state for business expansion in the United States by Site Selection Magazine.

  • Chicago has held the top spot among major cities for the past decade.
  • Illinois is the nation’s fifth-largest economy.

Yes, but: Illinois isn’t the only state vying for business. Kentucky And Indiana are among the states attempting to poach businesses across state lines.

What they say : “The goal is to raise awareness of Illinois’ strengths for businesses,” Dan Seals, CEO of Intersect Illinois, told Axios.

  • “We do this by leveraging one of those unique assets: O’Hare Airport.”

And after: Seals says the next set of billboards will focus on technology and life sciences.

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