Hospitality hustles are in high demand and can pay $50/hr

The hospitality industry has been hit hard during the pandemic. Millions of jobs were lost within weeks. Since then, however, the industry has continued to recover. Leisure and hospitality added 72,000 jobs in March, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Like these dozens of thousands jobs are opening up, employers continue to seek bartenders, hosts, cooks and other staff to host their events and establishments. If you’re looking for a way to earn a little extra cash, enjoy serving people, and have lots of energy after hours, consider get a gig at a local restaurant or stadium.

“Foodservice can be a late-night gig, with many bars and restaurants in major cities staying open until midnight or 2 a.m.,” says Kathy Kristof, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of In stadiums that host sports matches and concerts, even if the event ends early, “staff don’t leave for hours afterwards,” she says.

Discover Qwick, ZipRecruiter and Jitjatjo

There are many ways to find a job in the hospitality industry. Sites like Qwick And Jitjatjo, for example, hiring staff for that particular industry. Roles listed on Qwick include bus, mixologist, banquet captain, and event helper, and roles on Jitjatjo include food runner, coat check, dishwasher, and barista.

Gigs at venues can bring in minimum wage at around $30 an hour, Kristof says.

Job search sites like Freak And ZipRecruiter also list various gigs in the industry. You can also browse local bars, restaurants and cafes for openings, or contact local event spaces to see if they are hiring. Restaurant workers earn on average $14 per houraccording to ZipRecruiter, while event staff earn on average $15 per hour.

You can also try listing your services on sites like TaskRabbit. Event staffers in New York charge up to $51 per hour.

Remember “you are at the mercy of the customer”

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