Tesla Cybertruck prototype spotted with new steel wheels

A prototype Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted with new steel wheels as we try to track changes on beta prototypes before production begins.

As we previously reported, Tesla has built a fleet of Cybertruck beta prototypes to test before production begins this summer.

Over the past few months, we’ve started spotting these Cybertruck prototypes in California.

Every time we see a new prototype, we try to see new design features that might end up in the production version – like an updated front end and the monstrous wiper go back to a recent observation or raised air suspension spotted a few weeks ago.

Now, a new Tesla Cybertruck prototype has been spotted at the Fremont factory, and it has a bunch of measuring devices (via Cyber ​​Truck Owners Club):

The measuring devices are probably used as part of chassis testing before production begins.

In addition, the vehicle is equipped with new steel wheels.

On the wheel, there appear to be wheel force transducers, which are a multi-axis precision measurement system that captures three forces and moments on a spinning wheel, according to the manufacturer. Kistler:

Wheel force sensors are designed for use in the development and testing of complete chassis and chassis components of various vehicles such as passenger cars, SUVs, commercial vehicles, racing cars and industrial vehicles . During the measurement, a wheel force sensor replaces a standard wheel and measures the forces and moments acting on the tire contact patch.

Tesla is ramping up its testing of the electric pickup truck as the production start schedule is just months away.

Tesla recently said that it aims to put the Cybertruck into production this summerbut we shouldn’t expect major deliveries until 2024, when the automaker moves to volume production.

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