Pixie Curtis, an 11-year-old girl, has earned over $21 million with her business

Social media is a powerful tool, so much so that it transformed an Australian teenager into a multi-millionaire business tycoon at an age when most of us were still watching cartoons. At just 11, she’s basically ready for life, but some wonder if that’s right for such a young child.

Millionaire influencer Pixie Curtis, 11, has earned over $21 million selling toys and hair accessories.

She’s both a “businesswoman and a businesswoman,” as Nicki Minaj once said, and her runaway success has won her legions of fans online. Along with her little brother, Hunter, she enjoys the kind of high-flying life most of us can only dream of, from jet-setting to tropical vacations and being accompanied by her mother, Australian publicist and businesswoman Roxy Jacenko43, at red carpet events.

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Pixie Curtis’ mother has said she will be able to “retire” at the age of 15 after making so much money selling hair bows, toy putty and fidget spinners.

Curtis leveraged his and his mother’s fame, not to mention the infamy of his Bitcoin investor and stockbroker father, Oliver Curtis, who was sent to prison for insider trading in 2016 – to launch several of its own product lines.

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