iPhone 15 Pro render leak shows Apple’s all new colorway


  • New renders of the iPhone 15 Pro have leaked, giving us a good look at the phone from all angles.
  • The leak reveals a brand new colorway for the new iPhone.
  • The images also show off the new solid-state buttons, titanium body, and more.

We have seen basic iPhone 15 Pro CAD Images before, but the people of 9to5Mac gathered exclusive details from multiple trusted sources and created detailed 3D renders for the phone. The new images confirm several design details about the upcoming iPhone, including an all-new casing, larger camera bump, thinner bezels, replaced buttons, and an all-new colorway.

According to leaked renders and accompanying information, the iPhone 15 Pro will come in a new dark red color. Of course, Apple might call it something else when the phone launches. However, we do know that the exact hex code for the color is 410D0D and the color name for that code is Dark Sienna. The rendered iPhone 15 Pro image above shows what the new colorway would look like. It is said to replace the Deep Purple hue and sit alongside the usual White, Gold and Space Black colourways.

Meanwhile, the leak also confirms other details already rumored about Apple’s iPhone Pro. It is seen that the device has more rounded edges sheathed with a titanium case. 9to5Mac notes that the design change should make the iPhone 15 Pro noticeably different in the hand.

The camera protrusion on the back is also getting thicker this year as Apple shifts to bigger sensors. The leakers claim that the individual lens protrusion has more than doubled compared to the iPhone 14 Pro cameras. That’s a lot of extra volume. Interestingly, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to have a smaller camera than the regular Pro due to the rumored periscope lens. This means the iPhone 15 Pro might have the chubbiest rear camera system in the entire iPhone 15 line.

In other places we see the new solid-state buttons that are rumored to replace the traditional volume and mute switches found on current iPhones. Two new haptic engines are said to emulate button presses on iPhone Pro models this year. We also see the new USB-C port on the bottom of the phone. According to several leaks, it will only support maximum charging speeds via Apple-certified cables.

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