Customer finds 13-year-old working at Chick-fil-A

In a viral TikTok video, a Chick-fil-A customer shares his shock at discovering a 13-year-old employee working at the chain.

According to Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)American children are not allowed to start working until age 14, with their working hours generally restricted until age 16. Most Americans start working soon after those restrictions are lifted, with Americans in different age groups. reports that they got their first job when they were 16 and 17 years old.

That said, it is possible to start working at a younger age if the child works for a family business.

For example, “12-year-old children are allowed to work for their parents provided that they are the sole owners of the company for which they work. They can work at any time of the day and for any number of hours, in accordance with federal laws on child labor in family businesses,” writes Nicole LaMarco for stopwatch. LaMarco goes on to note that states can restrict this practice and that children are generally not allowed to work in hazardous roles.

While it may be legal for children to work in a family business, it can still be shocking to see a child at work, as TikTok user @slim_tuni shares in a recent video with over 1.1 million of views.


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In the video, the TikToker can be seen asking a working child how old he is. When the employee replies that he’s 13, the TikToker asks if that’s “even allowed.”

The child replies that it is allowed because his “father owns the store”.

This is not the first time that child laborers have caught viewers’ attention on the platform. In the past, users have spotted children working at other restaurant chains like Culver’s And Crumbled cookiescausing shock and surprise to viewers.

The comments section of @slim_tuni’s video was no different.

“This is crazy,” wrote one user. “Lil man is going to be a manager at 16.”

“Bro just trying to get the bag like all of us,” added another.

Many users claimed that it was not uncommon to work at such a young age, with several claiming that they were doing similar jobs around the same age.

“Good job, he works young, I started working when I was 14,” said one commentator.

“Did no one else have a job at 13???” asked for a second. “Lol, I was flipping pizzas and working in construction at 13 and no one questioned me.”

“I was 14 when I started working at McDonald’s,” recalled a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to Chick-fil-A via email and @slim_tuni via Instagram direct message.


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*First published: April 10, 2023, 10:06 a.m. CDT

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