This $50 AI tax app helps users track deductions, schedule payments, and more.

TL; DR: If your taxes this year are complicated by self-employment, deductions, and stress, let advanced AI guide your filing when you get a FlyFin AI Tax App Three Year Subscription(Opens in a new tab) for $49.99 (reg. $252).

Tax season might be a good time to see how AI can help you with tasks that are too complicated, tedious, or time-consuming to do on your own. ChatGPT isn’t the only exciting AI on the block. With FlyFin, you can put a AI tax engine(Opens in a new tab) to track your deductions, calculate your taxes, etc. For a limited time, an exclusive three-year subscription to FlyFin AI Tax App is only $49.99 (reg. $252).

Let the robot do your taxes

You don’t have much time left to finish your taxes, but you might get lucky and get away with it easily with the help of an AI tax assistant. Freelancers can end up with extra fees if they don’t pay quarterly, but it’s a lot of work to constantly calculate your income and your budget for advance payments. With FlyFin, you get a quarterly tax calculator and income tracker that could help you estimate your quarterly payments, and you can pay them right from the app. Be sure to use the reminders feature so you don’t miss your deadline.

For business owners, taxes can get really complicated, but FlyFin may be able to help with tools to track your deductions(Opens in a new tab). Think more about your business and less about getting audited when you use FlyFin to track your expenses and find potential write-offs.

Impressive as it has become, AI can’t do it all. That’s why FlyFin also gives you 24/7 access to experienced CPAs so you can ask even your most specific tax questions.

Make your tax return a little less stressful

Don’t worry about tax season. Let advanced AI help you from start to finish.

Get a three-year subscription to FlyFin AI Tax App(Opens in a new tab) for $49.99 (reg. $252). It is also the best price online.

Prices subject to change.

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