One of Elon’s handpicked ‘Twitter Files’ writers quits Twitter over its Substack restrictions

Matt Taibbi announced that he leaves twitter amid the company’s ongoing feuds with newsletter platform Substack.

If Taibbi’s name doesn’t immediately ring a bell, maybe the phrase “Twitter Files” might. Using access granted by Twitter CEO and free speech enthusiast Elon Musk, Taibbi and other journalists shared inside information on Twitter meant to expose how bad the company’s previous leadership was. corrupt. (What they actually revealed was Jack Dorsey’s personal email address and shoddy journalism. Oops.)

“Since sharing links to my articles is one of the main reasons I come to this platform, I was alarmed and asked what was going on,” he tweeted. He said he was given the option to “post articles on Twitter instead.” (Again, no word on who gave this ultimatum.) Taibbi says he plans to stick with Substack and start using Notes, something he says “Apparently, this will come at a price when it comes to future Twitter file reports.”

If you give me a moment to be frank, this is all incredibly embarrassing for Musk, if he is capable of feeling any shame. (For memory, I suppose so.) The man has made freedom of expression its hallmarksaying he wants to make Twitter a “trusted digital public place, where a wide range of opinions is tolerated, as long as people don’t break the law or spam. And then he’s cracking down on another company for adding a feature that looks a bit like Twitter?

Was it too dramatic? Sure, maybe – but if you believed that he really believed in it, you could see where it came from. But how do you reconcile the logic of suppressing a competitor with Musk’s relentless promises to support free speech? If you are Taibbi, or a number of other substack authors, maybe not. Maybe you just decide to move on and leave her toy.

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