Now Transphobes Are Crazy About Dylan Mulvaney’s Nike Partnership

The right-wing’s unhealthy obsession with Dylan Mulvaney continues.

After coming after the trans TikToker for wearing buffers in case another woman needed it last year, and for promote Bud Light to his supporters earlier this month, Tories are now furious at Mulvaney’s recent partnership with Nike.

Much like what happened with Bud Light, the influencer teamed up with the brand to promote her products to her own followers on her own social media page, and transphobes had a total meltdown about it. .

In addition to the hateful comments under Mulvaney’s post, bigots are taking to Instagram to demand that people boycott Nike over their decision to advertise to the influencer’s audience of 1.7 million via her publications.

Former Olympian swimmer Sharron Davies called the partnership a “kick in the teeth” and suggested people stop spending money on Nike products to get them to “listen”.

“Dylan advertises sports bras when there’s nothing to put in a sports bra – when in fact it’s really important that women have support adequate when playing sports,” she said. “It just doesn’t make sense.”

Acting like flat-chested women modeling bras is something new in society with Dylan’s post being downright hilarious, as is the idea that one person wearing a piece of clothing should represent the fit for all people likely to wear it. And there are plenty of people who might have a crisis similar to Mulvaney’s buying sports bras — to suggest otherwise is bizarre.

Davies’ other complaint is that there isn’t a lot of money for similar sponsorships for professional female athletes, and while there’s probably some truth to that, the monetary difference between a brand of sport teaming up with a professional athlete and paying an influencer for an Instagram post is probably very different. And anyway, it has nothing to do with Mulvaney being trans – partnerships like this with influencers remain commonplace for brands like Nike, and you haven’t seen anyone fussing about it. for “in defense” of professional athletes before now.

But Nike offered its support for Mulvaney unequivocally, commenting on Instagram that “hate speech, bullying or other behavior that is not in the spirit of a diverse and inclusive community will be removed.”

How old is Dylan Mulvaney?

Mulvaney was born on December 29, 1996.

When was Dylan Mulvaney born?

Mulvaney was born in San Diego, California.

Why is Dylan Mulvaney famous?

In 2022, Mulvaney began posting daily TikToks detailing his transition.

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