If You Use Any Of These 9 Phrases, “Your Relationship Is More Successful Than Most Couples”

Every relationship has its tough times. But what really matters is how you and your partner interact on a regular basis.

Like a Harvard trained psychologistI’ve found that the happiest couples don’t avoid conflict – they deal with it by talking to each other with appreciation and respect. Unfortunately, I have seen many marriages end because of bad communication and a reluctance to change.

So if you use any of these phrases with your partner, your relationship is more successful than most:

1. “I appreciate your efforts.”

2. “I love you.”

3. “Help me understand this better.”

4. “I listen…”

5. “I’m sorry.”

When things don’t go well or as planned, healthy couples know that both partners play a part in the situation.

Take responsibility for our role in these conflicts — and sincerely apologize – is essential to repair faults.

Similar sentences:

  • “I didn’t communicate my feelings to you in a respectful way, and I’m sorry for that.”
  • “I didn’t like the way you acted last night, but I also have to apologize for lashing out.”

6. “I forgive you. Can you forgive me?”

Forgiveness is difficult. It requires being vulnerable, letting go of something that has caused you pain, and changing your feelings about your partner.

But studies showed that couples who practice forgiveness are more likely to have longer and more satisfying relationships.

Similar sentences:

  • “I know we can’t change the past, so I actively try to let go and move on.”
  • “I made a mistake and I’m trying to forgive myself. I hope you can forgive me too.”

7. “I pledge to you.”

8. “Let’s have fun!”

9. “I love you.”

This one is simple but still worth remembering. Verbally expressing your romantic love for each other keeps the relationship alive. And when you say it, make sure you really mean it.

Dr. Cortney S. WarrenPhD, is a board-certified psychologist and author of “Letting go of your ex.” She specializes in marriages, love addiction and breakups, and received her clinical training at Harvard Medical School. She has written nearly 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals and given over 75 presentations on the psychology of relationships. Follow her on Twitter @DrCortneyWarren.

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