Tesla releases ‘Master Plan Part 3’ white paper with the math behind its plan to save the world

Tesla has now released its “Master Plan Part 3,” which is essentially the white paper with the math behind its plan to save the world, which was unveiled on Investor Day last month.

Last month, Tesla held its Investor Day where the automaker sort of unveiled its Master Plan Part 3.

Unlike Parts 1 and 2, Tesla didn’t just post a short, concise blog post outlining what Tesla would do to accelerate the advent of sustainable transportation and energy.

Instead, the automaker gave a presentation with the mathematics of what it takes to transition the world to sustainable energy.

It also included some of what Tesla is doing and planning to do to be part of this plan, but the main message behind the presentation seemed to be that a transition to a global economy based on sustainability is extremely doable.

At the time, CEO Elon Musk said Tesla would release a white paper with more details on the calculations, sources of information and assumptions.

Tesla has now released this white paper, which it calls its “Master Plan Part 3.” You can read it in full here:

Like last month’s presentation, it details a “proposed pathway to achieve a sustainable global energy economy through ultimate electrification and sustainable electricity generation and storage.”

The basic concepts and math are the same as unveiled last month, but now include many sources for the numbers advanced during the presentation.

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