Google Pixel Tablet shows up with UWB technology

THE Google Pixel tablet appeared on the FCC with UWB technology in tow.

Typically, any device appearing with the US regulator indicates a fairly imminent exit. This is right after an official announcement from the manufacturer in the stakes tacked on “this thing is happening”.

Although the Google Pixel tablet is not explicitly named in the deposit, all signs point to this being Google’s highly anticipated first tablet. We know that the device codenamed GTU8P is made by Google and runs Android, but has no cellular connection. So it’s not a new Pixel phone.

It’s almost certainly the Google Pixel tablet, which likely appears before its full Google I/O reveal. Expect a fairly quick turnaround on the device available in stores sometime after the event.

That’s not what’s really interesting here, though. Far more remarkable is the accompanying reveal that the Google Pixel tablet will ship with UWB.

Ultra-wideband connectivity enables pinpoint accuracy when tracking devices, even when there is no line of sight for GPS tracking. This is the same technology that’s available in both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7, but has so far gone relatively unused, aside from the ability to use a Google phone as a car key.

So why would a tablet benefit from UWB? As 9to5Google speculates Google could use it to enable its Tap to Transfer system, which will let you seamlessly transfer media to an Apple HomePod-style Nest speaker.

Google is also known to be build its own Finder network to find lost devices and tagged items.

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