If You Have These Personality Traits, You Are Leadership Material | Lisa Petsinis

Leadership is not about the position you hold or the authority you command; it doesn’t matter if you are a manager, CEO or president. These are leadership qualities and leadership skills that you can develop in any role you take on in life.

You can be a leader whatever your role and whatever the context: at home, at school, at work or in the community.

What is Leadership? It’s a quality that compels people to follow, to motivate themselves, to feel valued, to rise to the occasion.

An effective leader is not defined by their words, but rather by their leadership style. He is someone who understands the impact he has and who takes the challenge seriously.

Even if you are part of a collaborative team or partnership, leadership training is necessary to advance group goals. Employees need someone to look up to, kids need someone to emulate, and everyone needs someone to oversee the execution of the vision.

In short, the purpose of leadership is to inspire action to get things done.

Many people possess intelligence, decisiveness, drive and other skills such as communicationplan and delegate, but they lack the intangibles of leadership, that is, they lack the qualities that make a difference to people and results.

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