Google Pixel Tablet arrives at FCC, revealing UWB connectivity

The highly anticipated Google Pixel tablet has arrived for FCC approval, revealing that the device will feature ultra-wideband (UWB) connectivity, just like the Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro.

In order for a device with a wireless connection to be sold, it must go through various regulatory bodies around the world, including the FCC in the United States. Today, a new Made by Google device appeared in the FCC Database with model number GTU8P.

In a document describing where to find the required FCC electronic label, the location described – “Settings > About > Regulatory Labels” – aligns with the fact that this is an Android device. Additionally, the new Google product is only listed for three connection standards: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and UWB. Based on the lack of cellular connectivity, we think GTU8P must be the Google Pixel tablet.

As well as just being a good sign that the Pixel tablet is finally getting closer to a commercial launch – fingers crossed for Google I/O! – this is our first confirmation of the big-screen gadget bringing UWB connectivity. Until now, UWB has remained relatively unused on the Pixel series, primarily allowing one to use one’s phone as a digital car key, a task that a bulky tablet wouldn’t handle well.

Instead, Google may be gearing up for the Pixel tablet to work with the “Tap to transfersystem we’ve seen in the works for Android, matching the Apple ecosystem’s ability to “hand off” media to a HomePod. Along the same lines, we’ve also seen signs that a next Nest speaker should also feature UWB hardware. It’s not yet clear whether the Pixel tablet’s UWB support would be intended to receive signals (tap your phone on the tablet to stream music), send them (tap the tablet to loud- speaker), or both.

Beyond this initiative, UWB is also expected to be a factor in Google’s upcoming search network, used to more accurately locate lost gadgets/items.

Otherwise, however, today’s FCC listing for the Pixel tablet offers few tangible details about the device, but it strongly suggests we’ll see it launch in the coming weeks or months.

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