Last chance! Preorder the Samsung Galaxy A54 for just $200 while you still can

Samsung’s Galaxy A54 pre-order deal went live last week, but the deal won’t last long. Our sources tell us that the deal in question is due to expire on April 5, meaning you may only have around 24 hours to save up to $250 (opens in a new tab) on the mid-range phone by exchanging an old or broken device. Get those maximum savings and you’ll get an A54 for just $199.99 – and the phone isn’t even out yet!

It’s one of the only Samsung Galaxy A54 pre-order offers we saw it, so don’t miss it if you want to beat the crowds and be among the first to get your hands on it cheap android phone. The good news is that once the Galaxy A54 is officially released on April 6, chances are we’ll see more deals coming. But will they surpass this first offering from Samsung? Only time will tell.

Act fast and save up to $250 on the new Galaxy A54

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