These Melbourne graffiti artists turn the average into the spectacular

With It Stands Out, Daniel Van De Wiel puts his skills to good use.

Try to imagine Melbourne without its street art. Long train rides pass gazing at undecorated concrete, the flamboyant AC/DC driveway reduced to pristine brick and cobblestone. Without street art, the city loses so much of its characteristic charm.

Melbourne’s reputation for excellent graffiti is known around the world. And we’re proud of it – having emerged from the city’s ability to foster creativity, subculture and the do-it-yourself ethos, our street art is a visual representation of the vibrancy of the people who live here.

It stands out from graffiti and murals

  • After 25 years on the street art scene, Daniel Van De Wiel helps companies transform their spaces
  • The experienced artist works with some of the best designers in town to paint murals, signage and street art
  • Reservations are available now

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Although graffiti is often invisible, there is always someone behind the work. One of these artists is Daniel Van De Wiel. After spending 25 years perfecting his craft, meeting other performing artists, and traveling the world to learn new tricks and skills, he turned his passion into a business, It Stands Out, which transforms dull spaces into dazzling ones.

His street art and mural business helps businesses, homes and public spaces add some color to their facades. Daniel has partnered with some of the best painters in town to provide visually appealing commercial solutions for those looking to prevent unwanted vandalism, draw attention to their business, or simply offer passers-by something beautiful to look at. .

“Each project always considers meeting the needs of the client meshed with the purpose of the space itself, its location and its relationship with the community,” explains Daniel.

To discover some of the It Stands Out projects or book an artist, go to here.

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This article was produced in partnership with It Stands Out.

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