Tesla’s silly new accessory is a big, tough home charger

Check out Tesla’s latest gadget: a home charging station that looks as futuristic as a Porsche Hard disk from the early 2010s.

The Cybervault appears to be a Tesla wall connector in a resolute cybertruck-case inspired, and boy does it look tough in a promo video posted by Tesla on Weibo. The device is “tailor-made for the Chinese market”, a automatic translation from Tesla product sheet reads, and the vibe is dumb hypermasculinity, just like Tesla’s retarded truck.

Tesla says the charging system includes a cable that detaches from the box and can be used on the go, but the protective cover seems to be the star of this show. The automaker’s teaser clip shows the casing boldly resisting dust, water, a large rubber mallet and even steel balls – possibly the same type as defeated the Cybertruck windows in a 2019 product demo, Teslarati points out.

According to Google’s machine translation, Tesla indicates that Cybervault is a “220V single-phase charging device, compatible with all Tesla models, and the corresponding charging performance is 32A/7KW”. The charger weighs 13 kilograms (about 28.5 pounds) and its cable is 6 meters long, according to the site.

The page adds that the device comes with installation included and “supports plug-and-play charging, time-based scheduled charging/leaving, and other charging experiences.” Its price is around US$800.

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