iPhone’s Visual Lookup feature is a must-have gardening tool

Now that spring has arrived and we’re venturing back into our backyards again, you might be looking to try your hand at gardening. For seasoned horticulturists, stepping out into the wilderness of an overgrown winter garden is a walk in the park, but for anyone less familiar with botany, this unfamiliar territory can be a challenge, especially if you don’t. don’t know what plants you’re dealing with. with.

If this situation sounds familiar and you have an iPhone, you’re in luck. What you probably didn’t know is that the handheld device you use every day has a nifty built-in feature that helps you identify plants (as well as birds and insects) with a simple tap. press of a button. No more guessing what that bush at the end of your court maybe or write a description of this mysterious flower in a search engine, now you can let your phone do everything for you. Here’s how.

(Image credit: Apple)

Before you even get to grips with your garden, it helps to know what flowers, shrubs, and existing trees you are already dealing with in your outdoor spaces. You might be quick to run to download a plant identification appbut did you know that your Apple iPhone actually has something built into your camera roll that you can use?

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