This New York Museum Is An Epic Failure Of Bad Ideas

Imagine a failure so spectacular that you end up in a museum.

An exhibition in brooklynNew York pays homage to all the inventors who shot for the stars and fell on their faces.

It’s called the museum of failure and it’s got a lot of bad ideas in it, like a chair that lets you exercise while you work at your job by moving your abs like a hula hoop does .

How could we accomplish anything?

The museum organizer told CBS News that she wanted the exhibit to echo the feeling that failure can be your greatest teacher.

Johanna Guttman, the organizer of the Museum of Failure, told CBS News, “It’s not really about the products. It’s about having that conversation about failure. What do we learn from failure? How does the fear of failure prevent us from innovating, trying new things, taking meaningful risks? »

So even if New Coke, purple ketchup and the pen “designed specifically for women” were not bestsellers, they can still serve another purpose by encouraging others to accept failure as part of the creative process.

The items have all been collected for display by a Swedish psychologist who says that companies that accept failure are often on the right path to success.

“People can feel comfortable trying different things, experimenting, and ultimately innovating,” Guttman said.

There’s even a wall for museum visitors to admit their failures on a post-it – which was also a failure of the product before it became known for what it is now – if they’re brave enough.

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