Mark Cuban Tells Musk He’s Losing Followers Despite His Twitter Blue

  • Mark Cuban has asked Elon Musk for help as he is losing Twitter followers.
  • The ‘Shark Tank’ star said he started paying for Twitter Blue after losing up to 1,000 followers a day.
  • Twitter Blue followers are supposed to get more visibility and promotion on their tweets.

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban told Elon Musk that he was losing hundreds of Twitter followers a day despite paying for a Twitter Blue subscription.

In a tweet addressed to the CEO of Twitter, the ‘Shark Tank’ star said he was losing up to 1,000 followers every day.

“To counter this, I went with Blue² thinking it gave me a preference and would help retain or grow users. Any suggestions?” he wrote in a tweet Friday that had 8.5 million views.

Cuban, who joined Twitter in September 2008, still has 8.8 million followers on the platform.

Twitter Blue was launched in December after Musk’s $44 billion buyout a few weeks earlier. It costs $8 per month and allows users to edit tweets, write longer posts, and use two-factor authentication. among other features.

The official profile of Twitter Blue tweeted in December that subscriber posts would soon get priority rankings in search, mentions, and replies, theoretically increasing their chances of gaining subscribers.

Musk is slowly offering more privileges to Blue subscribers.

In a tweet last week, he initially said users would only see verified accounts in the “For You” feed, which shows users’ tweets from accounts they don’t follow. Musk go back to clarify that accounts followed by users would also appear in these feeds.

“Verified Legacy Accounts”, or those verified by Twitter before Musk’s takeover and widely attributed to public figures and official news accounts, will start losing their blue ticks this weekendthe company said.

According to a study by researcher Travis Brown, Twitter Blue’s adoption has been disappointing in both the quantity and quality of paid accounts. His research indicated that about half of Twitter Blue followers have less than 1,000 followers, while about 17% of follower accounts have less than 100 followers.

The average Twitter Blue follower account had about 19,000 followers, Brown said.

Twitter didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider, but emails now consistently generate an automated response that doesn’t respond to the query.

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