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This week, be sure to watch episodes of:

Habits and Hustle (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

This week’s featured show!

HABITS AND HUSTLE Host Jennifer Cohen brings notable thought leaders and game changers into thought-provoking conversations identifying effective techniques and ideas to help listeners improve their physical and mental abilities.

Episode 131: Heidi Powell is an ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss fitness and transformation expert, author, and entrepreneur! She talks about the importance of speaking kindly to yourself, overcoming eating disorders and dysmorphia, and being a woman in a male-dominated world.

Episode 133: Wallo 267 has gone from 20 years in prison to being a speaker, activist, distributor and connector. Navigating prison at 17, creating his “Book of Life” by having new convicts explain the outside world so he won’t be lost upon his release, and sneaking into an iPod Touch to find out what Google is using it more to start an Instagram gearing up for its wild success not even a year after it came out at 37.

Uncensored Crypto (Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday)

UNCENSORED CRYPTO provides information on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Web3, blockchain, DeFi, NFT, etc. Host Michael Hearne interviews the disruptors at the forefront of the crypto revolution shaping our economic, financial and political future.

Episode 104: NFTs, explained. What they are, why they’re a game changer, why they went viral, and what’s next for this $20 billion market.

Episode 109: Bitcoin Mining, explained. How mining works, why it matters, and how you can start as a miner to potentially earn some extra income. More – How Crypto-Mining is Driving the Next Phase of Clean Energy Innovation

Summary in seconds (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

On ENTREPRENEUR LIFT PITCHentrepreneurs have 60 seconds to pitch a business idea to a board of investors.

Episode 706: Pitches from minority founders in the finance, beauty, cannabis and beverage industries.

Mirage (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

In 1968, at the ripe old age of 26, Peter Kalikow was convinced he could build a better car than anyone else. So he took the money he made in construction and put it all on the line to attack the auto establishment.

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