Elon Musk’s New Rules For Twitter Replies Are Going To Be Controversial

Musk wants to reduce Twitter’s reliance on advertisers, which means convincing users to sign up and pay for the subscription service. At the time of writing, Blue costs $8 per month in the US unless you sign up on mobile, in which case the price is higher at $11 per month due to app store fees. The price has been criticized by some as excessively high for what you get, but if you’re an experienced Twitter user, you have no choice but to pay for it or settle for an experience poor.

Twitter gives its paying users early access to certain features, not to mention the blue badge that once meant an account was verified. The features that come with Blue are generally lackluster at the moment, including the ability to choose different app themes and icons, use of NFTs as profile pictures, the ability to undo and edit tweets, and a reader mode to discussion threads. Some features are promised but not available, like possibly seeing half the number of ads.

In a March 18 tweet, Elon Musk said replies to tweets would soon be reprioritized, with top priority given to replies from people you follow on Twitter, followed by people who pay for Twitter Blue. If you are not following an account and are not a paid user, your tweets will have the lowest priority, placing them with bots and other unwanted tweets. Musk said, “Verified accounts are 1000 times harder to play by armies of bots and trolls.”

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