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YouTube has lifted restrictions on former President Donald Trump’s YouTube account. YouTube announced on Twitter that the channel is no longer restricted and can upload new content. “We have carefully assessed the continued risk of real-world violence, while balancing the chances of voters hearing similarly from leading national candidates in the run-up to an election,” he said. . via YouTubeInsider account. “This channel will continue to be subject to our policies, like any other channel on YouTube.”

Trump was suspended from YouTube after the January 6, 2021 riot at the United States Capitol. The site removed a video it said violated its policies against incitement to violence, and it banned Trump from uploading new content — first for a week, then indefinitely. However, YouTube remained equivocal about whether the ban would be permanent. In May of that year, CEO Susan Wojcicki said the ban would be lifted once the risk of incitement to violence subsided.

YouTube’s tweet hints that Trump is now the official candidate for the 2024 Republican primary, a role that will put him in the spotlight after years of (very) relative seclusion. Her decision comes well after Facebookinstagram, and Twitter all have lifted their suspensions on the account. It’s still unclear how and when Trump will use his new access, though — he’s been stuck for the past few months at Truth Social, where he signed an exclusivity contract on social networks that he is apparently trying to calm down.

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