Samsung Galaxy S23 series gets super cool camera accessories


  • Samsung is now selling two cool camera accessories for the Galaxy S23 series.
  • Attachments plug into the Gadget case for Galaxy S23 phones.
  • One of them is a slim tripod and a grip, while the other is a mini remote control tripod and a camera grip.

Samsung seems to have introduced two new camera accessories for the Galaxy S23 series. Spotted by by WinFuture Roland Whent, the two removable devices connect to gadget case for Galaxy S23 series.

The first accessory is a Slim Tripod mount that allows you to mount your Galaxy S23 in portrait or landscape mode. The tripod legs fold up into a flat, neat package when not in use. You can also use it as a one-handed grip while recording videos with your phone in your hand. The stand weighs 70g and is currently listed on Samsung UK website for £34.00 (~$41).

The second accessory is a more advanced but useful Camera Grip mount. It enhances the Galaxy S23 by functioning as a mini tripod with a Bluetooth remote. It even has a tilt feature that lets you create a frame at your desired angle. The accessory could be handy for shooting things like a Hyperlapse video. The Camera Grip is also listed on Samsung’s UK website, but does not yet have a price.

We assume the company will make both accessories more widely available in the coming days.

Meanwhile, we’ve been reviewing some of the reviews of Samsung’s Gadget case on its US website, and it seems customers who have purchased it aren’t too happy with it. There are several reports that it is impossible to remove the phone case without breaking it. So, if you are planning to buy one, try it in a Samsung store before you buy it.

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