Meta employees question Mark Zuckerberg during a public meeting

Meta-boss Mark Zuckerberg faced thousands of anxious employees at a general staff meeting this morning, just two days after announcing that the company would cut 10,000 jobs.

According The Washington Postwho received a transcript of the event, Zuckerberg answered questions and attempted to explain Meta’s reorganization and restructuring plan.

One employee asked how they could trust him just four months after last November’s bloodbath when Meta laid off around 11,000 workers, or 13% of its workforce. At that time, Zuckerberg assured workers that there would be no more cuts for “the foreseeable future.”

“I guess the way people would gauge whether you trust me and want to work at this company is whether we’re successful in making progress toward the overall stated goals,” Zuck said. “I think it’s largely on the results we are able to deliver.”

Zuckerberg said the company is responding to economic pressures that may linger for some time. “But I think it’s a good question,” he said.

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Concerns about remote work and company culture

Later, Zuckerberg was asked about the future of remote work in the company.

He replied that it could continue to be “an ongoing conversation”, although he did not rule out possible mandates to return to power. Some large companies, like amazon and Disney, require employees to return to the office full-time or part-time.

Another employee asked how they were supposed to stay productive when the threat of layoff swirled around campus halls, according to WaPo.

Zuckerberg admitted it was an uncertain time, but added, “It’s not like we can just stop working while we think about this.”

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