How Creators Can Increase Their Earnings With Flipboard’s Referral Program

Be a member of the Flipboard Creator Collective comes with many benefits.

Not only can selected creators instantly share their content and expertise with millions of highly engaged people, but they also have the opportunity to earn money with our new referral program. This program offers creators a great way to amplify the reach of any branded offerings they have and incorporate Flipboard into their sponsorship portfolio.

How it works

Creators can recruit their favorite brands to advertise on Flipboard and retain 100% income from the first campaign. Flipboard offers a variety of custom ad units in our mobile app and newsletters, all of which are eligible for this program.

Creators can also earn an additional $5,000 if that brand signs up for another campaign. There are no restrictions on the number of brands that creators can view Flipboard.

Creators can count on the support of Flipboard’s partnerships team throughout the process, from the initial conversation with the brands they have relationships with through campaign implementation.

Why are we doing this?

We are passionate about stories that inform and inspire, and want to support the people who create them. There are plenty of useful tools out there that help budding and long-time creators with things like launching newsletters, growing audiences, and creating new video content quickly.

The problem is that very few platforms offer solutions to two key challenges that many creators face when it comes to brand relationships:

  1. Their audience is not large enough for the brand.
  2. There is no new ad product available to mix things up.

Flipboard’s Referral Program offers a solution to both challenges with a suite of advertising products that offers a variety of options to align with each brand’s unique goals. Each option allows a brand to connect with communities and people on Flipboard.

After all, people who use Flipboard do so to discover new information, ideas, and products.

The Flipboard Advertising Program

Flipboard has a long history of delivering results for brands, including many Fortune 500 companies. We take a tailored approach with our campaigns and identify each client’s unique needs before matching them to ad formats and communities. relevant on Flipboard. We can support high-quality content, videos, and images to ensure the brand can best represent itself.

We look forward to providing the same bespoke support and level of service to brands as we do to our Collective of Creators and are ready to help partners identify the right programs to ensure the success of their campaigns.

— Brian Sakansky, Head of Business Development and Strategy, reads Sustainability by Grant Bremne

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