Wild 3D-Printed Home Designs You May See In Your City Soon

Cutting-edge spaces arriving on a residential street near you can be the stunning result of concrete, wood, and glass blending into 3D-printed homes. It can create an organic yet modern look. A prototype house printed in 3D located in Austin, Texas, features undulating tree-inspired shapes along the facade to welcome visitors and let them know they are not entering a straight line home, but rather a well-appointed, innovative dwelling and upscale. Douglas fir prevents the home from feeling dark, heavy, or cold, which is a concern when using concrete as the primary building material.

This three-bedroom concrete house was the first house in the world designed to show off the capabilities of 3D printing technology, for Matt Risingwho visited the home in 2022. In addition to custom millwork, the use of wall finishes, architectural spaces, floor-to-ceiling windows and mid century modern the furniture all contributes to the feeling of light, warmth, softness and space in the house. The site also has a 400 square foot accessory dwelling unit (ADU) with kitchenette and roll-in shower. Both structures were printed on site in eight days. If your city has a high-end neighborhood, this might be the kind of high-end custom 3D printed home that will show up there soon.

On a smaller scale, where wood and concrete complement each other well, a Serbian company has designed a 260 square foot demonstration house in 2021. Its creators have focused on sustainability and affordable housing.

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