Slate + Ash Choreographs review

Slate + Ash choreographies: What is it?

Creating movement in your sound and production is one of the best kept secrets for any professional working in electronic music and production. Of course, achieving this in the DAW-based realm largely depends on the instrument you’re using.

Enter Choreographers; at the heart of this instrument is the ability to create interesting textures and sequences, while the level of sonic manipulation over time is incredibly inspiring and engaging. The GUI itself is clean with a contemporary style, just like previous S+A offerings. An unintended consequence of this is that it’s not always obvious how certain elements work, but with relatively little time, you will become fully and easily familiar with its content and style.

There are 650 organized presets to get you started, neatly defined in categories to guide you. The interface invites exploration, and starting with an initialized patch is the most tempting proposition.

(Image credit: slate+ash)

Choreographers Slate + Ash: performance and verdict

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