NASA reveals spacesuit for new Moon mission that better fits women

NASA and Axiom space unveiled the first prototype of a “next-generation” spacesuit for humanity’s return to the moon in 2025 on Wednesday at an event in HoustonTexas.

Why is this important: THE the costumes will be the key to NASA’s plans to send people to the Moon and the space agency has pledged to send the first one woman and first person of color on the Moon during the Artemis missions.

Photo: NASA Artemis/Twitter

What they say : “Axiom’s next-generation spacesuits will not only allow the first woman to walk on the Moon, but they will also open up opportunities for more people to explore and conduct scientific research on the Moon than ever before,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson in A declaration.

  • Michael Suffredini, president and CEO of Axiom Space, said in a statement that the Texas-based company’s spacesuit for the Artemis III mission “will be ready to meet the complex challenges of the lunar south pole and help expand our understanding of the Moon in order to allow for a long-term presence there.

The plot: The prototype suit unveiled at Johnson Space Center was black with blue and orange detailing, but since a spacesuit worn on the Moon “must be white to reflect heat and protect astronauts from extremely high temperatures, a cover layer is currently used for display purposes only to conceal the exclusive design of the suit”, according to a Axiom statement.

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