Forget Google Pixel 7a: The Pixel 7 is $200 off right now

Yes, value for money Google Pixel 7a should be launched this spring, as early as May 10 at Google I/O 2023. But why wait when you can get one of best android phones now at a very cheap price?

You will find the Google Pixel 7 on many of our top phone guides, which is why I’m especially pleased to see a $200 discount on the 256GB model that makes it an even better buy.

Right now you can buy the Google Pixel 7 (256GB) for $499 at Best Buy (opens in a new tab), a $200 discount off the list price and the lowest price we’ve seen for this phone. You can also get the 128GB Pixel 7 model with $100 off (opens in a new tab)but since that’s also priced in at $499, there’s no reason to pick it over the 256GB model unless the higher-capacity model suddenly runs out of stock.

The Google Pixel 7 offers almost all the same advantages as the Pixel 7 Pro but for a little less. And while we expect the mid-priced Pixel 7a to arrive soon with several upgrades, the Pixel 7 should still remain the top-spec model.

One of the Pixel 7’s best features is its dual rear camera array, which helped it earn a spot on our best camera phones page. These cameras take truly impressive photos and are further enhanced by Google’s unique photo editing features such as Photo Unblur and Cinematic Blur.

What else makes the Pixel 7 a great buy? There is the Tensor G2 chipset which offers a nice increase in power compared to the old Pixel 6 series, a good-sized 6.3-inch OLED screen that offers strong brightness and vivid colors, and a unique and attractive design that is impossible to confuse with any other brand.

As a cheaper phone, you lack a telephoto lens and the refresh rate hits 90Hz instead of the 120Hz of more expensive models. Additionally, while the Tensor G2 is an improvement over previous Pixels, performance lags similarly priced phones like the iPhone 14 And Galaxy S23.

It’s still hard to turn down this package for $499. If you’re looking for a well-priced Android phone with extra storage that’s packed with features, this Pixel 7 deal is the one you need to take advantage of – even with the Pixel 7a probably not far behind.

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