Asus’s new motherboard hides ports on the back for cable management

Cable management is one of the banes of the PC building world. Anyone who has assembled their own machine has struggled with the myriad of cables required to run their machine. First of all, you have to make sure that everything can actually be plugged in, which is not always easy depending on your configuration. Then there is hide all evidence (opens in a new tab) that has never been done.

Often this involves stuffing all those loose bits of cable into a hidden pocket on the back of the case, but PC parts manufacturers don’t really make that easy, with all those ports on the front of the motherboard. Just make several forgo cable management (opens in a new tab) absolutely. That might be about to change, with a new motherboard from Asus cleverly sporting its connectors on the back. And damn it all. it’s so simple it could work.

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