New MagSafe iPhone wallet acts like it has an AirTag inside

It is almost impossible to lose the ESR HaloLock Geo wallet support. It attaches to an iPhone with exceptionally strong magnets, and when removed it can be located almost anywhere with Apple’s Find My network.

The new ESR Wallet offers several advantages over the Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe.

ESR’s latest iPhone wallet is linked to the FindMy network

Misplacing your wallet for a few minutes is irritating and can make you late for work. Losing your wallet is extremely frustrating. The need to replace everything takes a long time.

The ESR HaloLock Geo wallet holder can connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth and play an alarm to tell you where it is.

If you lose it outside your home, any passing iPhone can automatically alert you to its location with the convenience of Apple’s FindMy Network. This is the same system used by AirTags.

But don’t worry, the HaloLock Geo Wallet Stand will often disappear because it slipped on the back of the iPhone. It magnetically clings to the handset with a holding force of 1500g. That’s twice the strength of Apple’s MagSafe wallet.

But wait, there’s more

The wallet is also a stand, and it also includes a finger loop.
Photo: ESR

Inside the wallet is a slot to securely hold up to three cards. A small cutout at the bottom allows cards to be easily pushed up and out.

As the name suggests, HaloLock Geo Wallet Stand also supports iPhone. Its manufacturer claims that it is stable at any angle between 15° and 170°, portrait or landscape.

There’s even a finger loop on the back to give users a better grip on their handset.

The device is rechargeable and lasts for three months without needing to be recharged.

Just be aware that all of these features have some volume. The wallet is just under half an inch thick.

Pre order now

ESR’s HaloLock Geo Wallet Holder Now Available Exclusively on Kickstarter. The Super Early Bird price is $31. The final price will be $39. ESR estimates that deliveries will begin in May.

The product is made of faux leather and comes in midnight black or caramel brown.

For comparison, the Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe is $59. It’s slimmer but can only tell its user when it was last tethered to their phone, not the current location of the wallet. And it can’t play a tone to aid searching.

Alternatively, you can get a wallet with a slot for an AirTagbut it won’t have all the extra features of the ESRs.

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