Netflix’s latest number one movie is a must-see serial killer drama

If there’s one genre that Netflix knows will be a hit on its platform, it’s crime drama. Many of its best TV shows are crime-related, whether it’s fictional enemies or real-life crime horrors.

His latest film is a psychological crime drama with a twist – and it’s proving a massive global hit for Netflix. Luther: Fallen Sun is a spin-off film from the incredibly successful BBC crime series which last aired in 2019.

Created by Neil Cross, Luther centers on an East London detective who uses any means necessary – mostly violence – to catch criminals.

The show is quite creepy in places, with Luther being part of the Serious Crime Unit trying to catch psychopaths and serial killers. And the character is animated by Idris Elba who is fantastic as a no-nonsense detective.

If you’ve watched the series – which aired in the UK on the BBC, in the US on BBC America and ABC in Australia – then you’ll know the series has a very definite ending.

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This was retconned somewhat for the film, which sees Luther trying to track down a serial killer while being dishonored by the police he worked for.

Fans of the series will know what to expect from the film: it’s dark, disturbing, and downright scary in places.

Idris Elba is joined by Cynthia Erivo (The Outsider) and Andy Serkis (LOTR) for the film, with Dermot Crowley returning as Luther’s retired boss. Neil Cross, the creator of Luther, also wrote this big-screen adaptation.

Critical reception for Luther: Fallen Sun has not been as favorable as it was for the series. Rotten Tomatoes has the Luther Series at a maximum of 88%, with the corresponding audience score. For Fallen Sun, this is lowered to 65% (reviews) but the audience score is a still high percentage of 85%.

It’s the audience that matters, though, and Netflix executives will be smiling this week as the reception to Luther: Fallen Sun has been huge.

Of the 90 countries measured by FlixPatrol for Netflix traffic, Luther: Fallen Sun is number one in 88 of these countries. That’s right, there are only two – as of March 14 – that don’t have Luther: Fallen Sun at the top of their charts.

These countries are: South Korea (Men of Plastic is at the top here) and Japan (Top Gun: Maverick is at the top of this ranking in this country).

That’s quite impressive and should mean we’ll see some huge numbers in Netflix’s official charts when they next update.

The top 10 Netflix movies in the world right now are as follows:

  • 1. Luther: The Fallen Sun
  • 2. Distant
  • 3. We have a ghost
  • 4. Love at first kiss
  • 5. Bad Boys For Life
  • 6. PAW Patrol: The Movie
  • 7. The Constant Gardener
  • 8. Tears of the Sun
  • 9.F9
  • 10. The Eternal Purge

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