Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Illinois’ to undergo stage adaptation

It was announced that sufjan stevens seminal album Illinois has been adapted into a musical theater production slated to premiere this summer as part of the 20th anniversary season at Bard College’s Fisher Center in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York.

The themes featured on Sufjan Stevens’ 2005 hit album will be brought to the New York stage. The show will use the music and lyrics as Stevens wrote them, with choreography directed by Justin Peck, the master choreographer most famous for his work on by Steven Spielberg West Side Story. Inspired by Stevens’ album, the story was written by Peck alongside Pulitzer Prize winner Jackie Sibblies Drury.

As of now, the thrilling show has only been announced for a short time between June 23 and July 2. Tickets start at $25 and are available for purchase now.

“With new arrangements of the entire album for a live band and three voices – ranging from DIY folk and indie rock to brass band and ambient electronics – Illinois will take us on a powerful journey through the heart American, from campfire storytelling to the edges of the cosmos,” reads the production description.

“Tony Prize-winning Justin Peck transforms the album into a full theatrical performance with a cast of virtuoso dancers, singers and musicians in a narrative crafted with Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Jackie Sibblies Drury.”

During the show, there will be several opportunities to meet and hear from the creators of the production during various Q&A sessions. On opening night, there will be a party with a limited number of tickets starting at $150. In the following days, there will be a pre-performance chat and post-performance conversation with the artists.

Illinois has earned Stevens a strong cult following with his universally poignant messages that transcend borders and time. Ultimately, this poses the looming question of our future. You can find out more about the upcoming theatrical production here.

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